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Why UPCATPlus?

With the increasing  competition among UP college entrant hopefuls and the opportunities offered by other top universities, students choose to apply to several schools (UP, Ateneo, De La Salle, UST, among others) and make their choices later.

The admission tests of these universities are different from one another. The UPCAT has the broadest coverage, but other universities test for some additional competencies not included in the UPCAT. 
What is UPCATPlus?

It is the first UPCAT-based review for the UPCAT AND the admission tests of all other top universities.
Traditionally, review centers have offered separate review programs for the different exams OR one generic College Entrance Test review, a one-size fits all preparation. The first is expensive. The latter might not be as effective.

UPCATPlus uses the BRAINS UPCAT Review as base and adds test areas noted to have been "different" among the other CATs. No duplication of reviews, yet effective for all.  And, all things considered, more efficient and of greater value.
How is UPCATPlus better than other programs?

First, UPCATPlus is knowledge-based. We TEACH each subject before proceeding to drills and testmanship.  Where an exam is reputed to be more difficult than another, we aim to hone competencies in the more difficult exam.  So, the 100-hour program is not only comprehensive. It is also the most intensive available.
Third,  the UPCATPlus Diagnostic Exam simulates real-world testing conditions, preparing examinees for what they will experience during the actual exams.  Better prepared and less nervous, examinees can focus and perform better. Just as important, the diagnostic test results identify areas of weakness and strengths for the UPCAT, helping them plan their preparation.
Second, UPCATPlus is taught by  seasoned specialist faculty with deep knowledge of their areas of expertise.  This ensures that they deliver the breadth and depth of coverage required by the review curriculum

Class Schedule:

Section A (F2F):
April 6 and Sundays thereafter until July 28.
Section B (Online): April 6 and Sundays thereafter until July 28.

By request:
Section A2 - All Saturdays starting April 6.

Section A: Face-to-Face @ NBS College, National Book Store Building, Quezon Avenue, QC

Fee:  P15,000 per student. 5% discount until Feb 11.
Non-refundable, non-transferable reservation deposit:
          P8,000, deductible from the program fee.


P750 discount for full payments until February 11
Group discount for 5 or more students:
P1,000 per student, until February 18.