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Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

Numbers 1-8: Enrollment, Section Placement, and Payment

1. Slots in BRAINS classes are given out on a first come, served basis. By "first come", we mean "first notified". Students enrolling through the bank or by mail (where allowed) must notify us as soon as they make a deposit or mail their postal money order (PMO). Notification may be made by email, by phone, or by fax.

2. All students who notify us of their enrollment, and especially those who enroll personally or through a representative are given client numbers that are proof of their respective notification.

3. When not notified, bank and mail enrollment will be considered when their bank slips and PMOs arrive.

4. There are two ways to choose a section: preference and strictly. Preference is done by choosing first and second choices. The applicant is placed in his or her first choice if a seat is available. Otherwise, he or she is placed in the second choice. Placement in new sections is automatically made if a new section is opened with the same venue and time slot as the closed, first choice section. Payment will be refunded if and only if no slots can be given to an applicant in any of the prefered sections or their parallel schedules.

Strictly mode is used when the applicant has only one choice of schedule. When a section is closed when we receive notification, and no new class opens with the same schedule and venue, all payments are returned in full. If a new class opens with the same schedule and venue, the applicant will be automatically placed in the new class and no payment is returned.

Students who choose the STRICTLY mode do not get reservations in classes outside of their choice sections. If they change their minds and want to reserve, their admission in another section depends on the available slots at the time they notify us of their change of mind.

5. Sometimes, members of a group want to be in a class. Or, for one reason or another, a student wants to be in a specific section and not in another of the same schedule and venue. Special requests must be made in the notification to this effect. If the requests cannot be accommodated, the applicant will be notified, and if necessary, his or her payment will be returned in full.

6. All payments are due in full on or before start of classes. Start of classes is defined as the first day of the program. Partly unpaid slots may be released to waitlisted applicants on the first day of classes. No refunds will be given to those who lose their slots through non-payment.

7. The reservation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. Other payments become non-refundable starting the first day of classes.

For PayPal payments, the reviewee shall be responsible for charges incurred in case of refunds, such charges to be deducted from the refundable amount.

8. In meritorious instances, BRAINS entertains requests for extension of payments with or without penalty. Granting these requests is the prerogative of BRAINS, and is done on a case-by-case basis. Students given the extension privilege must pay on the promised date. If not, they will not be admitted to classes until payment is made, or will be dropped from the rolls entirely.

9.  Dress Code

As part of our student training, BRAINS maintains a professional atmosphere in its classes.  Students must wear
closed shoes and clean, decent clothing in the review premises. College students and graduates who do not wear closed shoes, and anyone who wears unkempt or dirty clothing will be refused admission to classes and sent home.

Slippers (no matter the brand, make, or price), flip flops, step-ins, sandals, and similar footwear are not allowed. However, elementary pupils may be allowed to wear sandals. In no instance will slippers or flip-flops be allowed.

Students with foot injury that prevents them from wearing closed shoes must present themselves to BRAINS representatives and request a temporary waiver to wear open shoes or sandals.  In no case will flip-flops and rubber slippers be allowed.

10.  Absences

BRAINS tries to maintain stability of the learning environment inside its classes. The introduction of new faces when classes are long underway is disruptive to some students. Therefore, no make-up classes will be given for absences, when these make-up classes will place the absentee in another section. However, materials and exams in the missed classes will be provided the absentee. The absentee will be responsible for learning what he or she has missed from class due to absences.

Latecomers will be allowed into classes ONLY during breaks so they do not disrupt classes.

11.  Course Requirements

BRAINS curricula include problem sets and examinations as integral part of the lessons. The completion of these requirements is a pre-requisite to post-review exam simulations.  Therefore, no exam simulation will be given to anyone who has not satisfied these requirements.

12.  Disruptive Behavior

Anyone who exhibits behavior that is disruptive to the class will be sent home. No one who is inebriated (drunk) or is under the influence of illegal drugs will be allowed in class.

13.  Cellphones shall be required to be on silent mode during class.

14.  Material Ownership

All material content used in class, whether released or unreleased to the students are the property of BRAINS.

No one shall be allowed to record or broadcast in any manner, outside of manual taking of notes, the lectures and other live sessions in class.

Materials in exam simulations shall not be copied in any manner, not even by manual writing, photography, reading into voice recorders, and similar  manner. These materials shall not be taken out of the testing rooms.

Unreleased, room-use only materials, shall be treated in the same way as exam simulations.

Released problem sets and exams remain property of BRAINS and shall not be distributed, whether free or sold, to non-BRAINS students, nor shall be included in any compilation with a different authorship than BRAINS.

15.  Each course is governed by a separate set of house rules as suited to the objectives of the course. Please follow them accordingly.