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*Modes of Choosing Sections: "Preference" and "Strictly"

There are two modes an applicant can choose a section: preference and strictly. Preference mode is done by indicating first and second choices. The applicant is placed in his or her first choice if a seat is available. Otherwise, he or she is placed in the second choice. Placement in new sections is automatically made if a new section is opened with the same venue and time slot as the closed, first choice section. Payment will be refunded if and only if no slots can be given to an applicant in any of the prefered sections or their parallel schedules.

Strictly mode is used when the applicant has only one choice of schedule. When a section is closed when we receive notification, and no new class opens with the same schedule and venue, all payments are returned in full. If a new class opens with the same schedule and venue, the applicant will be automatically placed in the new class and no payment is returned.

Students who choose the STRICTLY mode do not get reservations in classes outside of their choice sections. If they change their minds and want to reserve, their admission in another section depends on the available slots at the time they notify us of their change of mind.

Strictly and no other...

If, for some reason, the applicant wants to be enrolled in one specific section and in no other, even if new sections are opened, the applicant must choose "strictly", indicate his or her section choice, and write specific instructions to this effect in the request box.

A full refund will be made if the instruction cannot be accommodated.

Without this specific instruction, the applicant will be presumed to have chosen the regular "strictly" classification.

For Courses with only One Section

For courses where only one section is opened, choose "strictly" and write "A" for first choice.
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