The gold standard of NMAT review programs.  Complete, intensive, and appropriately paced for premed majors and those who have taken courses in Chemistry and Physics.  Your best choice if you’re the type who doesn’t take chances when your dreams are concerned.
132 hours (16.5 days).

FEE:       Regular - P15,300
Discounted* - P14,300

For students busy during the semester, Midyear Premier is the answer. It features a full Premier program in June and July WITH an optional refresher of the NMAT Part 2 subjects in September.
132 hours (16.5 days) excl. refresher.

FEE:      Regular - P15,300
Discounted* - P14,300
(excluding Refresher Sessions)


For local graduates and international reviewees, this program features daily evening classes. Please click here for details.

BRAINS Training and Review Corporation
301 Ang Bahay ng Alumni Bldg., University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES

Telephones +632 9254702
+632 4347423
For non-premed majors who have not taken the required premed science courses (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), this program is appropriately paced to give reviewees enough time to absorb foundation concepts and processes before proceeding to the preview of higher subjects.  Ideal for Nursing majors and those in the AB or BA (Bachelor of Arts) courses.
132 hours. (16.5 days)

FEE:       Regular - P15,300
Discounted* - P14,300

For highly motivated, high performing, and confident premed students with strong backgrounds in the science and math courses.  Fast-paced lectures that cover all subject areas make it ideal for students who might be too busy for a long and detailed review. 
100 hours (12.5 days)

FEE:       Regular - P13,500
Discounted* - P12,600

*Discounted rates apply when you pay in full
on or before May 15, 2019.
Program Section Days Start Date Venue
Midyear Premier Plus
(excl. Refresher)
MYPP Half-days, M-F June 13 (ends July 31) BRAINS-Quezon Ave.
Premier Edition A Sundays and Holidays June 16 BRAINS-Quezon Ave.
  Premier Edition B Saturdays and Holidays June 15 BRAINS-Espana
   Special Edition SE   Sundays and Holidays June 16 BRAINS-Espana
   Short Course SC Sundays + 4 Saturdays August 4 To be announced
International and Graduate Edition IGE Evenings M-F,
whole day Saturdays
August 27 BRAINS-Quezon Ave.
Special Edition
for March 2020 NMAT
SSE Sundays + 2-3 Saturdays November 24 BRAINS-Quezon Ave.
Choose from 5 programs to suit your needs. All have the following features:
1. All-UP Faculty, specialists in their field -- the best faculty team, bar none.
2. The most complete coverage so you don't miss anything - no surprises during the actual NMAT;
3. Scientifically-designed NMAT Simulations let you know your standing, before and after the program
4. FREE Medical School Entrance Interview Seminar