The Number 1 review program for the
Chemist Licensure Examinations

Unsurpassed performance at 156 passers,
with three topnotchers in 2018.
61.4% passing rate, better than national (p<.0001).
176 topnotchers in  25 years!
Now, with two programs to choose from.
Now, get the program that suits your needs.
For that license that remains elusive to many.

Premier Edition

Are you  graduating or a relatively recent graduate with some confidence in your stock knowledge in Chemistry? This program is for you.

The Premier Edition  has produced thousands of chemists with 176 topnotchers in the past 25 years. It features:

Special Edition

Has it been years since you graduated?
Do you think your learning style can benefit from more guidance  to relearn the lessons?

No need for expensive supplementary tutorials! The Special Edition adds weekly small-group discussion (SGD) with faculty preceptors to the Premier Edition to discuss your problem sets and exams. We tested the program among  target students last year, and they reported better understanding of the lectures after the weekly discussion sessions.

Total SGD-36 hours. Available for Working Class and Evening sections (one small-group class each).

BRAINS Training and Review Corporation
301 Ang Bahay ng Alumni Bldg., University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES

Telephones +632 9254702
+632 4347423
Section Days Time Start Date
(with Board Simulation)
WPE Sundays, except Board Simulation Days 8am-4pm March 9 - 10
(7am - 5pm)
BRAINS-Quezon Avenue
WSE Sunday/Saturday WPE sched +
1 - 4pm Saturdays
March 9 - 10
(7am - 5pm)
BRAINS-Quezon Avenue
Sat, Sun, 1 Wkday
likely Monday
7am - 12nn May 25 - 26
(7am - 5pm)
BRAINS-Quezon Avenue
A2 SSW 12pm - 5pm May 25-26
(7am - 5pm)
BRAINS-Quezon Avenue
B Sat-Sun 8am - 4pm May 25-26
(7am - 5pm)
EPE Tue-Fri 4:30 - 8:30pm May 25-26
BRAINS-Quezon Avenue
ESE Tue-Fri EPE sched +
1 - 4pm Saturdays
May 25-26
BRAINS-Quezon Avenue
Fast-Track Mon-Fri 3:30-8:30pm June 24-25
BRAINS-Quezon Avenue
(non-refundable, non-transferable)
Premier Edition P 15,900 P14,900 P7,000
Special Edition P 18,900 P17,900 P8,000
Enroll now!

**Save P1,000 if you pay in full on or before
February 23 (W) / April 30 (A, B, E) / May 15 (FT), 2019.

1. The most complete program designed by curriculum and subject content experts;
2. The finest senior faculty from UP and the Ateneo, complimented by a younger generation of  Board topnotchers chosen for teaching competence and subject expertise.
3.  Scientifically designed testing that includes Board simulations accurately identifying your areas of weakness and highly predictive of your chance of passing.