Biochemistry Bridge Course for incoming first year medical students
This year, we bring back another first from BRAINS: preview or bridge classes for  
non-premed graduates entering medical school this June. Designed to give you a  
painless transition from college to medical subjects for which premed graduates  
are better prepared.

Join our preview class for BIOCHEMISTRY

Put yourself at par with your peers in biochemistry background. Start Medical  
Biochemistry with confidence, equipped with the fundamentals needed to handle  
this course. No need to seek out tutors in the middle of the school year -- tutorials  
can be very expensive and difficult to schedule. We know. We have several  
inquiries every year.

The Biochemistry Bridge Preview Course is a 51-hour introductory course in  
Biochemistry, designed to serve the needs of non-premed majors entering  
medical school. Taught by UP faculty, it is handled like a regular class, with  
lectures, readings and examinations. The difference is that your performance  
ratings are confidential and are reported only to you. Since this is not a regular  
college course, no official records are kept: you increase your competence and  
readiness for your actual course without risk to your official grades.

New feature: Introductory lecture on relevant topics in Organic Chemistry.



3-4 hours a day from June 1 - 30, Tuesdays through Fridays.

At BRAINS-Quezon Avenue .


Regular: P 6,500 per student

DISCOUNTED: 10% discount to BRAINS NMAT Review Alumni until May 30.
                           5% discount to other students until May 15.

Number of slots: 50 maximum.