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Our Vision

We are the number 1 review and training provider in the fields where we operate. These fields span the broadest range of disciplines and learning groups -- as many as where superior instruction is necessary.

We are the guidepost for review curriculum development and instructional leadership. We are the standard for ethical practice.

Our Mission

We guide the greatest number of reviewees to success -- whether it be to qualifying for the next education level at the chosen institution or to become licensed professionals in their respective fields -- at the most ethical manner possible.

We become the choice of faculty to broaden their teaching reach.  Professionals want to join us for our reputation of delivering the highest quality and professional service.

Our Objectives

We aim to equalize opportunities to students and reviewees of diverse backgrounds by providing a major chance to actualize their inner potential of passing their exams.

We aim to deliver truly qualified professionals who know their fields very well. Our students' success comes from true expertise, not testmanship.

Our Strategy

Our strategy revolves around 3 key advantages:

1. Superior Curriculum and Instruction : Complete, Intensive programs that cover all the test syllabus and beyond.

We employ only the instructional methods that suit each discipline and the needs of each student group.

2. Excellent Faculty : Experts in their fields, highly competent in teaching. They share our mission and ethical standards. Our faculty are selected and invited from the finest in the land.

3. The best facilities :  Our facilities are conducive to learning (online classes that simulate classroom environment; in face-to-face classes, comfortable classrooms and quality-produced materials). We promote faculty-student interaction in the classroom.

Bottom line, we love what we do. And we always want to be the best. Our guiding standard:

Would we want our children to enroll in our own program? Definitely. And they did.
We are BRAINS Training and Review.

We bring you the finest review programs in our fields of expertise. And these fields are many.

We are the pioneers of the UPCAT, NMAT, and UPLAE review programs. Our founders first offered the All-UP Faculty NMAT Review in 1986, developing and testing the UPCAT Review at the same time. In 1989, we offered the very first BRAINS UPCAT and UPLAE Review programs.

We're a highly sought-after review center in the fields we operate in. We expand where passing rates are low -- where our way of doing things can make a difference.

We are BRAINS Training and Review.
We make no promises. We deliver results.